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An Industry Standard For Fire Safety Information Management

Fire engineering meets digital information management 

Our services bring together the latest industry guidance in information management and fire safety engineering, allowing us to deliver policies, processes and workflows which provide accessible and structured fire safety information throughout a building's lifecycle. 

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Fire Safety Solutions

We deliver innovative fire safety services throughout a building's lifecycle. 

Our teams have a unique expertise and knowledge base, enabling us to provide collaborative fire safety solutions through planning, design, construction and operation

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Enabling cultural change and supporting innovation.

We administer strategic change management programmes and support development of software solutions to shape organisational culture and behaviour, and promote industry innovation.

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Developing The Next Generation Of Fire Engineers

In response to the growing capacity crisis of fire engineers across the sector, we have been developing educational programmes that can ensure tomorrow's fire engineers have the appropriate skill, knowledge, experience and behaviours to meet the growing needs of industry.  

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Research & Development

Placing digital solutions at the heart of fire safety   

We identify and develop building and fire safety software solutions that reduce cost, enhance efficiency and reduce risk. Together with completing market research to determine industry trends across the built environment sector, we help our clients to use data to inform effective service delivery and product development.


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