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Building information modelling meets fire safety information management. BIM to FIM.

Our services bring together the latest industry guidance in BIM and fire safety engineering, allowing us to deliver policies and processes which provide accessible and structured fire safety information throughout a building's lifecycle. 

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Fire Safety Solutions

We deliver proactive fire safety services throughout a building's lifecycle. 

Our unmatched expertise and knowledge enables us to provide collaborative fire safety services through planning, design, construction and operation

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Enabling cultural change and supporting innovation.

We administer strategic change management programmes and support development of software solutions to shape organisational culture and behaviour, and promote industry innovation.

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Our training courses cover a wide range of disciplines and functions covering fire safety and information management, combined with technical solutions and unmatched thought leadership.

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Research & Development

Market insights to enable strategic decision making  

We undertake market research and analysis to determine industry trends across the built environment sector, allowing organisations to use data driven evidence to inform effective service delivery and product development.


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We deeply value working collaboratively with industry. 
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