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BIM & Fire Safety Solutions

BIM & Fire Safety

Information management and fire engineering, together as a single discipline.

Our services combine guidance from the UK BIM Framework and the latest fire safety standards, including BS 8644-1, to shape a global standard for fire safety information management. 

Developed from years of research and consultation - we deliver innovative yet pragmatic solutions to enable better levels of building and fire safety:

  • Fire Safety Information Management Strategies
  • Golden Thread Strategies
  • Alignment to BS EN ISO 19650
  • Alignment to BS 8644-1
  • BIM Fire Safety Consultancy
  • BIM Fire Engineering Design and Analysis
  • BIM Fire Safety Information Assurance 
  • Scan2BIM 

Fire Safety Solutions

We deliver a range of innovative and practical fire safety services through the planning, design, construction and operation of your developments and existing buildings:

  • Fire Statements
  • Design Fire Strategies
  • Construction Phase Fire Strategies
  • In Occupation Fire Strategies
  • Pre Occupation Fire Risk Assessments
  • In Occupation Fire Risk Assessments 
  • PAS 9980 Assessments
  • EWS1 Assessments

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